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  • Update February 2021


We would like to thank you all for your continued patience and support during the last year.


Following the latest government announcement on Monday 22nd February, it has provided us with some clarity on when Day Trips and Holidays can resume. We aim to operate all advertised Day Trips from 12th April and Holidays from 17th May 2021.


For anyone that is due to travel with us before these dates we will be in contact with you in date order regarding your bookings, please bear with us whilst we do this.


Take care and we look forward to seeing you onboard soon!


  • Update December 2020



Update November 2020


As we have entered a 4-week lockdown in England our shops have remained closed. We are still operating with a small sales team, with some working from home.


We have found our new 2021 Summer brochure has been a huge success and with all of the positivity around a vaccine 2021 is looking to be a much brighter year than 2020.


We aim to resume our Day Trip and Tour programme from 3rd December where we will continue our cleaning and safety regimes which have granted us ‘Good to Go’ status from VisitEngland.


We are frequently asked questions regarding how we make our vehicles Covid secure and clean, what happens when we reach the hotel or attraction, how will we be seated on the coach. What happens with our Credit Voucher and what happens if you are due a refund. So here is an update on these queries for you:


Keeping our vehicles clean and secure

When onboard we aim to ensure there is social distancing in place, this means we will move seats around keeping ‘bubbles’ together and making as much space as possible.

Our coaches are frequently fogged with an NHS approved solution. And our drivers are cleaning down regular touch points throughout your day out or tour. This is all on op of our usual cleaning regimes. We are providing Gulliver Travel Packs to all of our customers, these contain a face mask, a personal hand sanitiser, a pack of tissues and a hand cream.


Hotels & Attractions

We will only visit places which are fully adhering to Covid regulations..

We ask that you follow the guidelines that attractions and hotels have in place and that you stay within your bubbles, not mixing with others.


Face Coverings

Unless you are medically exempt then we please ask that you wear a face mask at all times when on our vehicles.


Refund Credit Notes and Vouchers

If we have to cancel a Day Trip or Tour due to Covid we will issue you with a Refund Credit Note (for tours) or a Refund Credit Voucher (for Day Trips). These are valid until October 2021.


This credit will be for the full value you have paid to us and can be used on any future booking with us.

If you do though need a refund, we will ask for the below details, these will be passed to our accounts team who are processing refunds in bulk every two weeks.


1. Lead name on the booking (which must match your bank account name for the refund)

2. Booking Reference number

3. Holiday or Day trip title

4. Date the trip should have departed

5. What the expiry date is on your Refund Credit Note or Refund Credit Voucher

6. Your bank account number

7. Your bank account sort code



Update 6th July 2020


We are pleased to announce that we are 'Good to Go'!

This means we are passing all risk assessments and we are following safety measures, ensuring we are keeping customers and our staff safe when we get back onto the road.

We are working through our Day Trips and Tours from August onwards to ensure that hotels and attractions are ready to welcome us back.

We continue to ask that you are patient and bear with us if you have a trip coming up and we will contact anyone who's trips are affected in date order.

We are also excited to announce that when we are back running our day trip and tour programmes, we will be issuing all passengers with a 'Gulliver Travel Pack' this will include a face mask, a pack of tissues, a hand sanitiser and a hand cream.





Update 10th June 2020


We would like to thank you all for your support and patience over this unprecedented period. It has certainly been a challenging time for us all and we do understand that the impact has been felt by everyone in different ways.


The purpose of this update is to announce that we are closing our Sales Department for a 3 week period, commencing Wednesday 10th June. Aside from our local bus operation and school routes to maintain service levels to keyworkers and for essential journeys, the entire company will therefore be "mothballed" and as such we will be unable to deal with any incoming communication.


We have not taken this step lightly – whilst many of our peers have been shut for some time now, we have tried to maintain service levels whilst awaiting information from Government that affects how our business can develop and slowly return to pre COVID19 levels of activity.


In the absence of any information over the last month to indicate how Government intends to support the travel industry generally through the lockdown period we are forced to accept that we will have to await the next Government announcement due by 4th July.


Accordingly, in order to minimise our costs at this time, we have had to furlough our remaining sales team in order to facilitate their availability to support the flexi-furloughing provisions announced recently in the latest update to the Job Retention Scheme.


We anticipate re-opening our sales office in early July to deal with any issues with travel arrangements that arise from the next Government announcement – all travel issues affected by the current lockdown have already been addressed and communicated to the relevant clients prior to our Sales Office closure.


Let us hope that Government has some positive news to release shortly, and as soon as it does we will be back in touch regarding our plans to pick our service offering back up again.



What this means for you


This means that from Wednesday 10th June until Wednesday 1st July we will be unable to answer any queries by any means.

If you do have questions they will be answered on our return and we ask that you please email .


In our absence you may have a few questions you need answered, we have put together a few FAQ to help.



1. What if I have a balance due for holiday?


Firstly, may we advise you that we do recognise the urgency of the situation and the financial distress that our customers may be experiencing as we seek payment of your outstanding balances.


We are doing everything we can to ensure that holidays can go ahead where and when it is safe to do so and are also keen to offer you a range of options in relation to your proposed travel date and the payment of the outstanding balance, including:


  • Accepting your balance payment
    • In the hope that the current Government Lockdown measures in place up until 4th July are not extended

    • Please note that your deposit and balance payment are financially protected through our Bonding arrangements

    • Payments can be made by BACS.

    • Please ensure your booking reference number is used as your payment reference, details are:


Account: Galloway Coach Travel

Sort Code: 20.62.61

Account Number: 70300527


  • Transferring money already paid to another holiday later in the year or 2021.

We have some fantastic holidays on sale for next year which can be found by Clicking Here.


  • Cancelling Your Holiday

You do not have to pay the remaining balance for your holiday if you do not want to take it due to the ongoing uncertainty.


However, if the remaining balance has not been paid within 21 days of the balance due date then we have to cancel the holiday due to non-payment and therefore will have to retain the deposit or other cancellation charges.


We strongly recommend you to consider the first two options above carefully before electing to cancel your holiday.


Please remember that if you elect to pay the balance that, although your booking has not yet been cancelled, so long as your trip involves a package holiday you will be due a refund for that holiday in due course if it is cancelled by us because the FCO is advising against travel at the time of departure or because the services cannot be provided. Unfortunately, with the current FCO advice being open ended we cannot review your trip in terms of cancellation until approx. 3 weeks before travel.



2. Want to transfer your holiday?


All of our Festive Holidays are available to view on our website along with thie full itineraries. We have also been releasing holidays for 2021 in advance of their scheduled release.


Click Here to view all of our UK & Ireland Holidays.

Click Here to view all of our European Holidays.


To process a transfer please email with your current booking reference, details of who will be travelling, your pick up point and the new holiday name and date you would like to travel on. We will send you a confirmation of the transfer after the 1st July 2020.



3. Want to transfer your day trip?


We have been working hard to update our day trip programme, we have lots of days out available to book later in 2020 and also into 2021. We will continue to add more day trips in due course as and when events are announced.


To process a transfer from your current trip to a new day trip please email us with your current booking reference, details of who will be travelling, your pick up point and the new day trip name and date you would like to travel on.



4. Is my trip cancelled?


We have cancelled all Day trips and Holidays departing on or before 31st July 2020, anyone who has been affected by these cancellations has had a letter sent to the lead passenger explaining the next steps.



5. Want a refund for your cancelled holiday?


If your holiday has been cancelled you would have now been issued with a Refund Credit Note, this is not deterring from the fact that you are legally owed a refund for the trip.

The purpose of the refund credit note, introduced by our regulators ABTA / BCH under their Bonding arrangements, is to allow tour operators such as ourselves time to recoup refunds from suppliers whom we have paid to secure the original booking made.



6. I have asked for a monetary refund, why have I not yet received it?


At present our regulatory bodies ABTA and BCH are lobbying the government to ask for a formal change to the Package Travel Regulations 2018 which currently state a refund to be processed within 14 days.


The regulatory bodies acknowledge that unfortunately these regulations were not written with the foresight of such a catastrophic demand on the travel industry, therefore, the request to Government is to extend the period in which the refund is allowed to be made.


Please see the ABTA website, for further information on this.


In response to the current demand on the industry, with the majority mothballed and working with largely furloughed teams, ABTA and BCH have come together to agree to allow their members (we are members of both bodies) to issue the refund credit note that you have received. The purpose of these is to protect your fundamental right to a refund and also to ensure that any member offering these does so within their current financial protection limits. This makes sure that your refund credit note is financially protected in the same way the original booking was.

Our financial protection is bonded with Bonded Coach Holidays, you can visit their website for verification and more information on this by Clicking Here.

The refund credit note provides a date by which we must refund our customer deposits should they elect not to re-book a later tour by that date. We will be honouring such regulatory requirements in full.



7. Want a refund for your cancelled day trip?


Given the current enormity of the situation the entire travel Industry finds itself in, offering immediate refunds to customers is not immediately possible, as deposits have been paid out through the supply chain in most cases to secure bookings.

Currently the travel industry regulators have advised, pending Government clarification, that members of the industry issue credit notes as this time as situation unravels for all.

As the law currently stands, this does not remove your right to a refund and in the unfortunate event that you cannot find anything else to book within the next year we will of course refund you.

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